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Clay Cole's Land of 1000 Dances contract, June 2, 1967


Creative Productions photos -- Creative was the studio used for The Institution's first acetate

Creative Productions rates chart

Creative Productions: "Love Is Not Free" acetate


(J. Howard Duff notes, "This was typical of Rich; typing out directions to gigs so we not-wet-behind the ears drivers would not get lost!.")

Golden Records contract offer, March 28, 1968

(J. Howard Duff notes, "One never knows how things may have panned out if we said "yes" to this. The company actually had a few Billboard hits and the guy (Ebb K. Harrison) turned out to be a pretty reputable guy in the publishing business.")

Golden Records contract offer envelope

Hullabaloo envelope, April 16, 1968

Lyrics for "I Couldn't Get High"

Rainbow Girls contract, May 4, 1968

Time Will Tell copyright, May 3, 1968

Songlist from Battle of the Bands, March 29, 1968 

(J. Howard Duff notes, "This was written (by me) on the back of the Battle of Bands sheet from
3/29/68. I don't know if these were the songs we were thinking of doing or
what. I doubt it because I don't think we ever worked up "Depths (of
Depression)" (which I wrote) or "In My Eyes" (which I think was a Marvin
original) as a band. Interesting choices on the other stuff...Light must be
"Light My Fire" (which means we had Jeanette at the time). Heavy on Animals
tunes (She'll Return It; We Gotta Get Out...; and Club A Go-Go), and Soul
(Hold On I'm Coming; Expressway to Your Heart; I Wanna Testify). I love how
"Mojo" is in there, showing that we never forgot our blues roots.")

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